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After two of my former students, Corey Beaulieu and Johnny Hiland, began ripping up the world with their incredible skills people started asking questions. How did they learn? With whom did they study? Well my name came up repeatedly so I decided to start this website offering the materials I taught both of them. I have 25 years of experience teaching all styles of music to people of all backgrounds. I also have a degree from the University Of Maine and I am an honors grad from GIT.

When I blew my knee out I had some down time, so I started looking into the Internet lesson scene. Needless to say I was disappointed to see to see a lot websites declaring "Dump your teacher and we can teach you better!" Unfortunately, every one of these sites were rather inadequate.  My answer to this problem was to put up a site that did not try to replace private instruction, but to actually COMPLEMENT peoples' lessons! My materials would also be beneficial to other teachers as my scales, arpeggios and chords are simple to learn. With that being said, I ask the great world wide web to have fun and enjoy all the benefits of my site.